specialties: acne, scars, pigmentation, collagen fillers, lasers

Dr. Nadir Qazi

As a teenager, I suffered with the common challenges of acne. That personal battle, however, carved out a purpose for me. I wanted to find safe and effective solutions, not just for myself, but for the countless others facing the same trauma every day. That is why I sought the expertise of international experts such as Dr. Fadi Hamadani, a Mcgill trained Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon to hone my skills. Dr. Hamadani has helped severe scar victims in the West Bank and Gaza and he was doing it with very minimal tools or devices. I knew based on my own experience with my scars that certain energy devices were being pushed by big corporations in this country and instead, I wanted to learn highly advanced skills like nano fat transfer, subcision, and skin tightening from someone who is independent of any bias. Each treatment that I have since immersed myself in is anchored firmly in science and relentless research. Beyond just practicing medicine, I believe in pioneering it. My own curated protocols and desire to continuously acquire knowledge are testaments to that belief.
My services might seem familiar—acne and scar treatments, pigmentation treatments, fillers, neck liposuction, Botox—but the way I approach and administer them is unique. This distinct touch is a combination of my relentless research and innovative mindset, and it’s something that I strive to master and improve every day. I am here on a mission to create a new world in cosmetic medicine. A world where Doctors are compassionate, unsponsored, unbiased, and work their hardest for their patients.
Beyond my technical skills, what sets me apart is my commitment to being authentic. When patients consult with me, there’s no pretense, no facade. I am myself and I am never endorsed by any company or brand. With me, they don’t just get a Doctor; they get an advocate, a researcher, and an innovator. They get my unvarnished opinions and my genuine desire to help them reclaim and reflect their true self. I aim not to transform, but to help each patient rediscover their confidence and happiness.
I was born and raised in Chicago and the comprehensive training I received at the University of Illinois shaped my roots. However, in 2015 my goals led me to Southern California, with a singular dream: to pioneer the most compassionate and disruptive medical practice in the world. And every day, with every patient, I am able to make that dream a reality.
Outside of my professional realm, I cherish moments with my incredible wife, our toddler son, newborn daughter, and golden doodle puppy. Whether we’re playing a sport, enjoying a board game, or savoring gelato by the beach, these moments are gold. I also prioritize being accessible to patients globally, hosting an open Tik Tok Live at 10pm every weeknight. There, I answer all questions, unfiltered, unsponsored, and uncensored.
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specialties: fat transfer, liposuction, breast explantation

Dr. Shana Kalaria

Dr. Shana Kalaria is a Southern California native. She is well-known for her surgical skills, taking pride in her work, and having the highest standards when it comes to patient care. She is very detail-oriented and makes sure her results are nothing short of incredible.
During her time in Houston, she has performed over 3000 procedures. Additionally, she has donated her time to helping children with burns and clefts on surgical mission trips to Mexico and El Salvador. Dr. Kalaria has contributed to the field of Plastic Surgery through research, speaking at both national and international meetings, and publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals. She has served as the Director of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Assistant Professor, and Associate Program Director at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB). She particularly enjoys performing rhinoplasty, facelift/necklift, blepharoplasty, breast lift/reduction, tummy tuck, and labiaplasty.
Dr. Kalaria listens to her patients to optimize her outcomes and patient satisfaction. Her female perspective and aesthetic eye give her a unique approach. Additionally, patients appreciate her straight-forward, no-nonsense style.
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specialties: medical dermatology

Dr. Omeed Ahadiat

Dr. Omeed Ahadiat – better known as Dr. O – is a board certified medical dermatologist and Orange County native. Growing up in Yorba Linda, Dr. O was deeply committed to his community and worked in numerous volunteer and health initiatives. He attended UC Irvine for his undergraduate studies, where he studied biological sciences and graduated with cum laude honors. Dr. O then attended Chicago Medical School, where he continued to dedicate himself to service. In medical school, Dr. O served on the school wellness council, volunteered for mentorship programs and homeless improvement initiatives, worked as a reviewer for numerous medical journals, and accrued more than 660+ hours of volunteer service at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. As a medical student, Dr. O was recognized for his work through numerous awards and honors, including induction into the Alpha Omega Alpha national medical honor society, the Dr. John J. Sheinin Merit Scholarship award, the RFUMS/CMS Endowment Scholarship, and the Chicago Medical School Alumni Association Scholastic Achievement Award for earning the highest overall average scores in his graduating medical school.
After medical school, Dr. O completed his dermatology residency at USC – one of the top dermatologic residency programs in the country, where he went on to serve as Chief Resident. Today, Dr. O is a board-certified dermatologist and has returned to the same community that helped him be the doctor he is today. His hobbies include playing basketball, yoga, writing, and a particular passion for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle that he implements into his medical care.”
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